Douglas Light

May the bridges you burn light your way forward

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(I've resurrected my 1999 website, in honor of Prince)




DOWNLOAD my novel Where Night Stops available here.

You can download the ebook of East Fifth Bliss/Trouble with Bliss for free.

You can download the ebook of Girls in Trouble (not) for free.

You can watch the short After Lilly.

You can buy The Trouble with Bliss movie.


So I've evolved my website. Looks like a step backward, right? Ah, well maybe it is.

Some Stuff


I wrote a novel, some stories, and a bunch of checks. I cowrote the screen adaptation of my novel.

Anyway, I'd show you cool images here, if I could figure how to do it. Soon. Perhaps. Promise.


Saturday (morning)

Jury duty this week. Voir dire. Defense attorney asks, "Do you have a problem with the fact that my client is dead?" No, I say. "Do you have a problem with Italian interpreters," he asks. Are you planning a séance?

Before Saturday (morning)

Deep in Bed-Stuy around 11 p.m. looking for food after far too many drinks.  See a barbershop going full blast. I roll in for a shave and a six pack later, learn a valuable lesson: never trust a barber drinking Hennessy with a straight-razor.

Before that 

Served as the motorcycle chauffeur for a french cameraman last night, zipping him up to the MET museum so he could film a girl famous for being in vampire movies. I pulled right up to the red carpet.

No one took my photo.

Before even that

Listening to The Strokes (yeah, don't ask) and ripping up old photos. Jeez, what is the point of memories?  Killers, right?

Way long ago

Growing up, I had a dog named Holly. She was part beagle, part something else. She was all black, save her paws and a white V that ran her chest. It made her look like she was wearing a tuxedo.

Holly is a bad name for a dog. It was my parents' idea.